Weeping Tile

Cavities located at either end of the concrete block, help contained water to dissipate.

  • Where required, break out concrete basement floor approximately 18 ” from the outside walls.
  • Dig out a trench to the bottom of your footing. (Below floor, 1′ to 2′ deep)
  • On the very first course of block, drill a ¾” hole into each cavity: releasing any trapped water from within the block.
  • To provide positive drainage, install drainage board in front of drilled holes and place 4″ weeping tile beside your footing.
  • Inside weeping tile can now be hooked up to sump box or closest floor drain.
  • Excavated area should be covered with ¾” gravel: concrete floor can now be poured back in place.

  • Do not drill holes into a poured concrete wall.
  • To install an inside weeping tile system for a poured concrete foundation, the process is the same.
  • Drainage board will allow any water, that has gained entry, to freely drain into new weeping tile system..

  1. Again, do not drill holes into a poured concrete wall.
  2. Do not dig deeper than the bottom of your footing.

Weeping tile prevents ground water from building up under your basement floor and carries excess water away from your foundation wall. North American building codes require that basements built below grade are equipped with perimeter weeping tile.

You’ll find your weeping tile located around the perimeter of your home. Weeping tile is a durable, lightweight, round, tube like, plastic hose: measuring about 4″ in diameter. Its prime function is to carry water away from the foundation, to a storm drain or a sump box.

  • Builders begin by excavating proposed site.
  • Footings are installed and foundation walls are poured.
  • The 4″ diameter weeping tile is located 1′ to 2′ below the finished floor, beside the footing on the outside of the house.
  • Weeping tile is covered with 1 to 2′ of ¾” gravel.
  • Damp-proofing and drainage board is applied to perimeter foundation walls.
  • Back-fill to grade level.

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