Windows Well

Water seeps into your basement via the window wells: you should install a drain to eliminate leaky basement problems.

All window wells are below grade. This can make them vulnerable to flooding from trough spillover, driving rain, or snow build up against the house. Once window wells flood, the water has nowhere else to go–except into your basement! A drain installed inside your window well, will provide the positive drainage required to carry water away from your foundation wall.

Remove the window well form.
Locate primary horizontal weeping tile system by manually digging to footing.
Make a 4″ T connection onto the primary horizontal weeping tile system.
Run a 4″ in diameter piece of weeping tile, vertically up the wall, to the bottom of the windowsill.
When this is done make sure all weeping tile, at the footing level, is covered with 1′ of ¾” gravel.
Backfill, making sure you leave the dirt 1′ lower than the bottom of the windowsill.
Refasten window well form back, onto the foundation wall.
To stabilize the new drain, fill the inside of the window well, 1′ deep with ¾” gravel. The new drain must be completely surrounded with gravel. The continuous holes in the weeping tile will provide positive drainage. Backfill and compact dirt around the outside of window well. This will prevent water build up inside the window well.

Plastic well covers are very useful in keeping debris and water out of your window wells. These coverings are readily available at most building supply stores.

The cost of installing a drain inside your window well is $2110 plus HST. Rates are subject to change without notice.