Sump Pumps

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The sump box, which houses the sump pump, is installed inside your basement. The presence of a sump box goes a long way to relieve hydrostatic pressure from beneath your basement floor.

The sump box gathers trapped ground water that naturally accumulates around your foundation wall and or under your basement floor.
The sump box has an automatic shut off, keeping water down to a manageable level.
The submersible pump, located inside the sump box, pumps water out and away from your foundation.
The sump operates automatically.

Breakup concrete floor.
Dig out hole 2.5′ below your basement floor x 4ft. wide.
Place sump box in center.
Fill up 2′ excavated area around sump box with ¾” gravel: the more gravel surrounding the sump box the better. Water can filter, nicely, through the gravel bed to the sump box.
Electrical turn on floating microswitch automatically turns on/off as required.

In many of the very first subdivisions and due to the lack of separate storm drains, the exterior weeping tile was connected to the sump box inside. Sump boxes and pumps direct excessive ground water to the ditch at the front or rear of the house.

Over time, silt flows toward the sump box impeding the flow of water from below the basement floor. Better-designed sump boxes, using filter cloths and more efficient sump pumps, are available today at your local Toronto building supply.

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